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  • Object Imaging Systems

    We provide Real-Time and ready-to-use imaging systems for a variety of industrial applications. We use sensor fusion technology and high end data acquisition hardware for inspection, classification and logging tasks.

  • Imaging & Machine Learning Software

    An usual task is to analyze products / goods regarding several physical or chemical properties. As a result, a product can be classified (e.g. high or low quality), statistical evaluated or sorted. Our imaging software handle these tasks.

  • Sorting Applications

    After analyzing and classifing products, sorting is often needed to seperate products into classes. We offer high accuracy sorting solutions including control systems and mechanical support.

Welcome at FECOM!

FECOM is an Austrian company which develops industrial solutions for quality analysis and control.

We focus on:

  • Object Imaging Systems
  • Object Imaging & Machine Learning Software
  • Sorting Applications

On this pages, you can get to know our company and learn about our current projects.



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Coming Up at FECOM OG

We want to keep you informed about the latest developments at FECOM. Soon, we will present you the current results of our research on this site. Until then please inform yourself here, or visit us personally.


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