FECOM is a research company as well as a supplier of industrial solutions. We want to offer high-tech knowledge to improve the industrial production of food, pharmaceuticals and many other goods. A lot of production chains need to analyze, proof, measure and sort their products. We are able to deliver newest technologies not only to big producers, but also to small companies using innovative and very flexible methods. Our products are automatically operating instruments and machines, which can be integrated in existing production chains very easily. We focus on three topics (which are, of course) connected together.


Object Imaging Systems (OIS)


An OIS is a measurement device to analyze any kind of product / object. Analyzing products means to acquire data of the object, to analyze this data and then to decide what's the result. Any OSI consists of one or several cameras, a data acquisition hardware and a software to combine the data (sensor fusion) and analyze the objects. The OSI directly shows the results on a screen or transmit them via an industrial interface (e.g. PROFIBUS) to another automation system.

Every OIS is available with or without real time support. While real time support is needed for any continuous inspection task in industry, an OIS without real time capability is typically used at research facilities, labs and inspection authorities.

Object Imaging Machine Learning Software (OLS)


The OLS Software can measure and classify products / objects. It uses images of the objects as an input. Applying a specific measurment task it extracts the needed physical or chemical information of the objects. If needed, a classification of the objects (assign object to a category) can be operated in addition for rating or sorting tasks.

The OLS is the core of an OIS, but is also available as a standalone software solution. Again, it can used with or without real time support.

Please contact us for available software variants of the OLS!

Sorting Applications


A typical case is that after a product was inspected and classified, one whishes to seperate it based on the categories given. E.g. in food industry, most of the natural goods have to be sorted into several quality categories. Furthermore, there might be foreign material which must be removed before selling.

An OIS delivers all information needed to realize a sorting application. In addition to the inspection task, we also provide control systems solutions and mechanical support to realize such applications.



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